Seed & Eating Garlic

We grow high-quality hardneck garlic for seed stock and eating using regenerative farming, rich soil and southern Alberta sunshine.

Seed Garlic

Our garlic crops are machine planted in organically-rich soil in the fall. Variable prairie weather conditions expose the plants to a variety of conditions which helps produce hardy seed garlic for future crops. We scrutinize every shoot and bulb through its lifecycle to ensure quality as it grows. Problem plants are culled, tested and eliminated, allowing the healthiest bulbils to thrive. After machine harvesting, our crop is handled according to CanadaGAP requirements and tested at an accredited lab to ensure the bulbs are healthy and disease-free. The end result is robust seed stock to set you up for success in your own garden.

Eating Garlic

The culinary garlic we grow at Keep Dreamin’ Acres is a selection of several varieties of Russian hardneck. It’s hot when eaten raw and richly complex when cooked. Our garlic usually matures early to mid-summer, yielding fragrant bulbs with 6-8 cloves that pack a lot of punch. From our carefully cultivated fields to your table, we take pride in growing garlic that will exceed your expectations. Once you’ve tried our deliciously fresh garlic, you’ll never go back to the small, imported cloves from grocery store chains.