Our Story

We are committed to being the best stewards of our land that we can be through healthy farming.
Where it began

Raising healthy food for a healthy life.

A few years ago, we bought land just east of Picture Butte. Our dream was to become self-sustaining farmers to feed our family the healthiest, freshest food possible. As that dream became a reality, our vision grew to include feeding not just our children but also others who were seeking delicious, locally-grown produce and proteins. As we grow and raise our select livestock, we also nurture the land with regenerative farming techniques that put precious nutrients back into the soil to make our food, family and community even healthier.

Small farming practices - diverse and healthy products.

The products we grow and nurture on our land are rich in diversity and nutritious goodness. Our signature product is hardneck garlic to seed and eat. We also grow a variety of vegetables and strawberries. What we grow also sustains our livestock which includes chickens, turkeys, pigs, goats and eggs. Our whole family takes part in what we grow. Caring for our plants and animals helps our children learn empathy, care, responsibility and respect for what is required to nurture healthy food through the lifecycle.


Seasons on the Farm

We enjoy the peace and bounty that each season brings on the prairies and are humbled by the opportunity to see God’s wisdom in all things.

Working on the Farm

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