Compost & Soil

Healthy and nourishing food begins with healthy and nourished growing material. We have just what you need for your garden to flourish.


As a regenerative farm, our fertilizing approach is chemical-free and sustainable. To do this, we use our custom-built turner to make our own steer compost. We know first-hand that it’s a fantastic product that encourages healthy growth and delicious produce. It helps improve soil texture, reduces compaction and increases the amount of water and air soil can hold. Our compost also releases valuable plant nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium and offers a sustainable, chemical-free and healthy food for what you love to grow.


We brought together our love for farming with a lifetime of horticultural experience to create some truly superior garden soil mix. We did this by taking discarded plants and soil from our family’s greenhouse and cooking them in our compost pile to sterilize them. The end result is our signature chemical-free, nutrient-rich potting soil that makes plants, flowers, produce and gardeners very happy.